Laser Pen

The laser pen is a small portable device with batteries and a laser. The laser is emitting a very narrow coherent low-powered beam of visible or invisible light. Power is restricted in most jurisdictions not to exceed 5 mW. The laser device with a power >5mW is not laser pen, it's laser pointer. Laser Pens are the perfect solution to business meetings and are very convenient for taking notes and making presentations. 

There are red laser pen, yellow laser pen, green laser pen, violet laser pen, blue laser pen and infrared laser pen.

Green laser pen appeared on the market circa 2000, and are the most common type of laser pens. The laser pen can be imprinted your company logos, then used as promotional gifts to your customers. Most of the laser pen are made in China. And most of the laser pen are not IR filted. The multi-function laser pen with super bright laser pointer, unbreakable LED bulb, PDA stylus and very well writing ballpoint pen are suitable for every kind of business use.