laser pen 200mw

laser pen 200mw is 200mw laser pointer with pen-sized shape, as usually we donít call a laser pointer with power >5mw to laser pen. Therefore the correct name for laser pen 200mw is laser pointer 200mw , or 200mw laser pointer. Laser pen 200mw are red laser pen 200mw, green laser pen 200mw , violet laser pen 200mw and blue laser pen 200mw. Here are green laser pen 200mw:

red laser pen 200mw:

violet laser pen 200mw:

laser pen 200mw has the ability of lighting matches, burning paper and plastics. Laser pen 200mw is harmful to human eyes and skins. They will blind you if the laser goes directly into your eyes. So laser pointer 200mw canít be promoted as laser pen 200mw by laws. Laser pen 200mw canít be used by children or someone who donít know laser much. The laser pen 200mw canít point to helicopters or planes. Otherwise you may be put into jail , as the laser pen 200mw is dangerous for the pilotís eyes.† I think the laser pointers that arenít pen-sized, are not laser pen 200mw.† There is only one laser pointer 200mw at is pen-sized , thatís 200mw green laser light match.