Laser News

News about AOM new products and applications.

YOKOGAWA Meters & Instruments released the newest AQ6370D mininature spectrometer. It has simple operation, easy maintenance, the use of a diffraction grating spectral measurement, covering the wavelength range 600nm ~ 1700nm, wavelength resolution between 0.02 ~ 2.0nm, minimum receiver sensitivity of 90dBm.

AOM used in DPSS, Acousto-optic modulation in diode-pumped solid-state lasers. 

News about laser industry:

Eagleyard developed new Semiconductor laser diode 18W 980nm.It has the following features for fiber coupling and stable integration:

Up to 18W power output
integrated lens
high photoelectric efficiency: (0.9W / A)
compact design (25 x 25 x 12 mm ³)
light weight (30g)

AdValue Photonics developed 2µm high power 10KW pulse laser. It has many advantages than 1.5μm and 1μm laser.

University of California Santa Barbara has been exploring the use of laser diodes (LDs) in combination with phosphors as a means to produce white light. They use two kinds of laser diodes, 402nm Near-UV LD and 442nm blue laser LD. You can read more here.

Lunar space laser communications test set data transfer record

NASA announced that the lunar probe LADEE equipped with a laser communication terminal(Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration, LLCD), used a laser beam to transfer data between the moon and the earth, and set a record 622Mbps data download. LLCD NASA's first generation of laser light instead of radio waves used a two-way communication system, it also demonstrated the 20 Mbps of data upload rate (the Moon orbit detector uploaded from the earth station) .

NASA RF communication system previously used, whose data transmission capacity is limited.
The new laser communication system can extend the communication capabilities of NASA, which can transfer high resolution images and 3D video fro deep space.