Laser Modules

Laser modules can be designed into diverse types according to the shape,color,power,size given. The smallest laser module,the dimension of which measuring only 2cm, lengthens 10cm. And the volume of those big modules generally comes to 100 cm³.Sometimes, DPSS Laser was also called Laser module. Laser modules have many a usage including collimation in military, sight ruling in science measurement etc..The dot shape can be made into circle,sector,line and so on. The theory that how the machine works is concerned with laser diodes and the solid lasers in it. Manufacturers of laser modules generally come from the USA, Germany,Japan,China. The ones used in scientific researches are usually produced in Germany. And the ones manufactured in China is mainly used in normal life.

Here come the latest trends of laser modules.

ProPhotonix New Compact Green Laser Diode Module