Laser Module Maintenance
Laser Module Maintenance

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Laser Module Maintenance

High-quality chips
Low cost advantage
Flexible formulation
After-sales protection is good

BeamQ Company can provide all kinds of semiconductor lasers,
Laser hair removal handle and semiconductor side-pumped solid-state laser repair and chip update services, including:
Germany Rofin semiconductor pump laser chip update;
American LeeLaser company semiconductor pump laser chip update (100W 48V, 100W 24V, 50W, 20W, etc.);
German FOBA company semiconductor pump laser chip update;
American Northrop Grumman (CEO) company's full range of products, including BB, RE series of new and old sections;
Germany Jenoptik company semiconductor stacked lasers;
Delas semiconductor lasers in Germany;
Other types of lasers such as nLight, NEC and others.
BeamQ Company is your trusted partner, our strengths are:
Maintenance of localization, the speed quickly (usually 3-7 working days to complete), as far as possible to reduce the production-oriented enterprise production line;
High-quality chip, fully restored or even beyond the original laser of the indicators, power strong, high beam quality;
Low-cost advantages, reducing the cost of equipment maintenance on the pressure;
Good after-sale protection, and provide one-year quality assurance and after-sales service;
Flexible customization, providing custom-made lasers for the maintenance of special laser equipment.

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