laser light match

The laser has heat energy in the laser beam, if the power is enough, the laser can light match. To light match with laser, we need a portal laser, such as BeamQ laser pointers. Laser light match may be red laser light match and green laser light match. The laser pointer with a power > 5mW can be named as high power laser pointer, and if the laser pointer light match, it may be named as burning laser pointer. Because it light match and also burn paper and plastics. Red laser light match , the power may be 200mW, but if the focus of the pointer is adjustable, then a 100mW red laser can light match. Meaning while, 100mW green laser pointer can light match. The green laser is more powerful then red laser ,so itís easier for light match.

As we know, the match can be red match and black match. The red laser canít light a red match because the red color will reflect the red laser , it can only light black match. Laser light match is easier than laser burn plastics.

If you donít have laser pointer , you can light match with laser diode. Here is a guide for ďHow to Light a Match with a LaserĒ, itís about DIY of burning laser with laser diode. Here are some laser modules you can use for DIY burning laser.