Laser Energy Meter
Laser Energy Meter

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Large, bright, backlit LCD display

· Faster tuning with analog mobile digital accuracy

· Can be used in thermopile, optical and pyroelectric sensors

· Measure pulse energy up to 300 pps (get each pulse)

· USB computer interface with full host control (compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 [32 and 64 bit])

· Analog output with full user-selectable full-scale voltage (1, 2, and 5V)

· With rechargeable battery

· Compliance with RoHS

Maximum measurable power (with thermopile sensor) 30.0 kW
Maximum measurable power (with optical sensor) 300.0 mW
Maximum measurable energy (with thermoelectric sensor) 300.0J
Measureable power to small (with thermopile sensor) 10 uW
Measureable power to small (with optical sensor) 1 nW
Measured energy to small (with thermoelectric sensor) 1 nJ
Full range power range displayable (with thermopile sensor) 3.000 mW to 30.00 kW (automatic or manual conversion range, optional)
Full range power range displayable (with optical sensor) 3.000 uW to 300.0 mW (automatic or manual conversion range, optional)
Full scale energy range displayable (with pyroelectric sensor) 3.000 nJ to 300.0J (manual conversion range)
Measurement resolution 0.1% of full scale
Maximum repetition rate (pulse energy measurement) 300 Hz (per pulse)
Power sampling rate 10 Hz
Accuracy - Digital Meter Reading ±1.0%
Accuracy - System Instrumentation Accuracy + Sensor Accuracy

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