Laser Dazzler

The laser dazzler is one type of high power laser pointers or portable lasers. Most of the dazzler weapons are green beams. Some of the dazzler users like to know the effective distances of them, in order to make sure if the dazzlers can be used in their areas. The 10 meters green laser dazzlers are the most common dazzler.

Canada Laser Dazzler

It's classified as warning devices, the Canadian military wants to proceed with the purchase of laser weapons, which are designed to blind people.

But a group opposed to laser dazzler, because the use of the laser dazzlers in Afghanistan violates international law, and sets a dangerous precedent.

The senior military leadership has recommended the purchase, and the $10-million project is now awaiting approval from Defence Minister Peter MacKay.

But Anthony Salloum, program director at the Rideau Institute in Ottawa, said Canada would be violating its international obligations by using the dazzlers on Afghans.

The lasers are capable of "disrupting" the vision of a person 50 to 500 metres away, depending on the model used. Some manufacturers say the systems are entirely safe, while other officials who know the weapons acknowledge they can injure or blind people.

China has equipped its security forces with laser dazzlers for riot control, but has been criticized by human-rights groups for doing so.

In 2006, the U.S. military confirmed it's using dazzlers in Iraq, and officers have said the devices have helped save Iraqi lives.Three years ago, Marines in Iraq asked for an emergency order of 200 nonlethal lasers to keep innocent Iraqis from being killed when they fail to stop at U.S. military checkpoints.But those handheld lasers, called the BeamQ Laser Dazzler, didn't make it to the troops, either.

We have the most powerful green laser dazzlers, with the output power of 800mW , they have the longest ffective distance, about 1000 meters at night. We can customize it for you : 20 meters green laser dazzlers, 50 meters green laser dazzlers, 100 meters green laser dazzlers, and 1000 meters green laser dazzlers