Laser Cutting

Laser cutting provides the tightest tolerances and most precise cut surface. It produces the smallest heat-affected zone in the metal compared to all other thermal cutting processes, minimizing deformation and part failure. †Laser cutting can be used to process sheet and plate in carbon, stainless, and aluminum.†

Here are how to cut different materials with laser cutting machines:

1) Cutting Wood. Pure natural wood < 18mm

You can cut the wood < 18mm with 150mW CO2 laser tube. There are 2pcs 150W CO2 laser tube, one is above the wood , and the other is below the wood.

Fiber 50W Cutting Laser

Fiber coupled 50w cutting laser offers higher efficiency, relative lower cost,†
and wavelength versatility.
The advantages of fiber coupled 50w cutting laser:
1.Light is already coupled into a flexible fiber.†
† It can be easily delivered to a movable focusing element.†
2.High optical quality:†
† the fiberís wave guiding properties reduce or eliminate thermal distortion of the optical path.
† It produces a diffraction-limited, high-quality optical beam.
3.Compact size:†
† because the fiber can be bent and coiled to save space,
† fiber laser are typically more compact than their rod or gas laser counterparts of comparable power.
4.Fiber coupled cutting laser is virtually maintenance free.
† It has high system efficiency and availability as well as reduced floor space.†

Application Examples:
†1.Micromachining cardiovascular stents
†2.Resize silicon wafers for solar panels
†3.2-D profile cutting in sheet metals
†4.Cutting automotive hydroform tubes, cradles and side pillars
†5.Tube cutting
†6.3-D cutting
†7.High pressure clean cutting of stainless steels and aluminum