Laser Applications

Many scientific, military, medical and commercial laser applications have been developed.


laser are an inherently pure source of light. The purity of the laser can be improved the purity of any other light source. Therefore the laser is a very useful source for spectroscopy.

Laser Ranging

Laser beams are used to determine the distance. 

3D Printer

Building a 3D printer, using UV curing resin, you need a laser to mount on the gantry of the cnc maskin to cure the resin.

405nm is usually the lowest cost since it's used for BluRay.Any laser will work from 355-410nm with the -V420 resins. And any laser from 355 - 500nm will work with the -V470 resins.<355nm will also work but the prices are much higher. Therefor you can choose the 405nm laser module for 3D printer at the beginning.

ZVE500-V420 is a single component zero volatile organic compond (VOC) resin and does not require any weighing or mixing. It cures rapidly when exposed to ultraviolet light or visible light up to 440nm and offers nearly unlimited working time before exposure. This is a very hard and tough resin.