Laser 445 nm

The laser 445 nm is new technology laser in 2011. Most of the laser 445 nm diodes (laser 445 nm LD) are from Japan. The laser 445 nm are blue, and also violet. The laser 445 nm is different to traditional 473nm blue laser, and 405nm violet laser. The laser 445 nm is more “blue” than laser 405 nm , and more “violet” than laser 473 nm. 

The wickedlasers sell the most laser 445 nm, they sell them in S3 Arctic Series. They say that their laser 445 nm is world’s most powerful handheld laser. But it’s not true. There are 2W laser 445 nm on the market. And there are also 1W green laser and infrared laser. All of them are more powerful than S3 Arctic laser 445 nm.

The laser 445 nm diodes and laser 445 nm modules are very common on the online stores. For 445 nm diodes, if you want a good laser 445 nm, don’t buy the cheap one, as most of the cheap laser 445 nm diodes are used and come from DVD players. 

The laser 445nm is powerful and harmful to your skin and eyes. To protect the laser 445 nm, you just need the laser 445 nm goggles, which is the same to 532nm green laser goggles.