Kaleidoscope Laser

Everyone knows what is kaleidoscope, but most of us donít see a green kaleidoscope laser 50mw. The green kaleidoscope laser 50mw is a 50mw green laser pointer, with extra laser head, that can produce laser dots like kaleidoscope. Itís very beautiful and cool while youíre playing a green kaleidoscope laser 50mw in a darkness room. The green laser dots are full of the room and the positions of the laser dots are changing. There are two types of green kaleidoscope laser 50mw
at BeamQ lasers :

Green Laser Pointers Kaleidoscope
100mw Pen Style with Interchangeable Heads

Both of them have five interchangeable heads to make the different effects. The first one has a power of 50mW while the second one is 100mW.† The green kaleidoscope laser 50mw can be used as science training, entertainment. Most of the green kaleidoscope laser 50mw use the AAA batteries and are pen-sized. Green kaleidoscope laser 50mw is CLASSS IIIB laser , therefore itís harmful to point to eyes directly.† However the kaleidoscope heads break the laser beam into lots of laser beams, it reduces the laser brightness. Green kaleidoscope laser 50mw can be integrated into red laser kaleidoscope pointers. There will be two colors for the kaleidoscope