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IR Diode 808nm 1W 1000mW C-M
IR Diode 808nm 1W 1000mW C-M

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Output power:1w(CW)
Package: C-M(C-mount)
Variety of stripe width
Efficient quantum well structure
CW output power(mW): 1000
Peak wavelength(nm):808±5
Spectral with (nm): ≦5
Threshold current(A): ≦200
Operating current(mA): ≦1200
Operating voltage(V):1.8~2.2
Slope efficiency(W/A): ≧0.9
Beam divergence (deg.):12/40
Wavelength temperature coeffcient(nm/(℃): 0.3
Emitting area(μm): 100 1
Serial resistance: ≦1.5
Lifetime(h): 10000

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