InGaAs Avalanche Pin Diode Photodetector
InGaAs Avalanche Pin Diode Photodetector

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InGaAs Avalanche Pin Diode Photodetector 800-1700nm 50um 2GHz

The series avalanche photodiode is the commercial available InGaAs APD with high responsivity and extremely fast rise and fall times throughout the 900 to 1700 nm wavelength range.
The peak responsivity at1550 nm ideally suited to eye-safe range finding applications, laser radar, free space optical communications, optical fiber sensor, OTDR and high resolution Optical Coherence Tomography. The chip is hermetically sealed in a TO46 package.

The absolute values

Operating voltage 0.99×VBR
Operating temperature: -40~+85℃ 
Power dissipation: 50mW
Forward current: 3mA
Storage temperature: -45~+100℃
Soldering temperature(time): 260℃(10s)

The opto-eletronic characteritics(@Tc=22±3℃)

Parameters Sym. Test conditions Min Typ Max Unit

Response Spectrum λ — 800~1700 nm
Active diameter φ — 50 μm
Reponsivity Re λ=1.55μm,φe=1μw, M=1 0.85 A/W
Multiplication gain Mmax λ=1.55μm,φe=1μw 10
-3dB bandwidth BW M=10,f0=100MHz,RL=50Ω 2 GHz
Dark current ID M=10 2 11 nA
Total capacitance Ctot M=10 0.5 pF
Reverse breakdown voltage VBR IR=100uA 40 50 V
Operating voltage temperature
δ Tc=-40~+85℃ 0.11 0.15 V/℃


1: The suitable ESD protecting mersures are recommend in storage,transporting and using.
2: The fiber bending radius no less than 20mm for avoiding fiber damaged ,Be sure the fiber coupling
facet is clean before connecting it to opto-circuit.

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