Infrared Sensors for Reflow Soldering
Infrared Sensors for Reflow Soldering

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Infrared Sensors for Reflow Soldering

Murata SMD type Pyroelectric infrared sensors have high sensitivity and reliable performance, with ceramic technology and packaging technology. IRS-B series is approximately 50% smaller in volume and 10% thinner than previous surface mount model. Compared with common lead-type models, it is significantly smaller with a lower profile approximately 20% less in volume and 50% less in thickness than the former.

Features & Benefits:

Reflow surface-mounting support
Smallest and ultra-thin throughout the trade (
High sensitivity
Achieves superior electromagnetic noise resistance characteristics


Human detection
Air conditioning
Digital photo-frame
Personal computers
Automatic switches for lighting equipment
WEB cameras (IP cameras)
Automatic warm water cleaning toilet seats
Security devices
Other automatic switches (ex. :LCD monitors, Air purifiers, Ventilation fans)
Home electronics for Eco

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