High Power 400mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer
High Power 400mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer

Price: $98.00

Date Added: 03/14/2012 by steven Steven
Here's a short review of this laser, since ive yet to find more than one. amd that ones pretty crappy. so! off we go...

this is a great little laser! it burns well, and does every test i can think of for a laser very well. it lights matches with ease, pops balloons in an instant, lights firework fuse, cuts electrical tape, slices trash bags like a razor, burns through CD cases pretty fast, etches wood, melts plastic, cuts trashbags, engraves leather, and smokes any dark material. (within reason, of course. it doesnt smoke metal.) it does all this very well. the dot isnt exactly a dot, its a rectangle.(ill post pics.) and of course, since it's 808nm, you can only see a faint red rectangle, so if you order this laser, and it's faint, ITS SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WAY. DO NOT LOOK INTO THE LENS. i'd recommend goggles wit this one. unfortunately, since the laser has a rectangle for a dot, it can't burn without focusing..and the rectangle is fairly large. so no popping balloons from 30ft. sigh.. BUT! luckily, it's focusable! and it does it well. once it's focused, it burns. GREAT. the focusing head turns very smooth yet firm, so if you bump the laser, it wont unfocus. you can see what looks like a tiny fire when you burn things, it looks quite cool.

now! onto the appearance. it looks precisely like the o-like red new style dilda. exactly. its really tiny, i was surprised. it came with a charger, a wrist strap, and was supposed to come with two CR2 rechargable batteries, but sadly, didnt. though it did come with a charger. no instructions, though, insert batteries positive side up.

it has a tail clickie; click once, its on, click again, off. it's not a momentary push button type. i like this alot. threads are smooth, though they squeak a tad bit. but oh well the clickie isnt the highest quality, but it feels sturdy enough. the finish feels nice, it's a sort of matte finish.

the laser is $98, and in my opinion, is very worth it. it shipped in only a couple weeks. overall, a great laser.

burns anything_
small(pro or con, depending on your taste)
good build quality

doesnt burn when not focused(not a big con at all, though.)
batteries did not ship with the laser

if you have any questions that i didnt include, feel free to ask. this is my first review, hope everyone liked it and found it helpful.

here's some pictures, they are pretty self- explanatory. remember, this laser is infrared, so it looks really bright on camera. in reality, the dot looks like an almost dead keychain red pointer's dot.
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