500mW 445nm Blue Laser Pointer
500mW 445nm Blue Laser Pointer

Price: $298.00

Date Added: 11/07/2010 by Tom Carroll
This laser is awesomely powerful and unimaginably bright.The beam is like something out of a mission impossible movie and you can burn pretty much anything instantly with this laser. It's a really powerful device when focused or unfocused. Unfocused from twenty feet,you'll feel warmth on your skin after a few seconds, but focused on your skin from any distance up to 20 feet and your skin will start stinging after only a few seconds; the closer you are the quicker the affect. It's amazing to see how quickly this laser can burn through plastics, especially dark plastics, wood, matches, magazines, cardboard... anything!

I bought this laser after having attempted to buy a lower mW laser from wickedLasers, I'd ordered the laser and waited 30 days with much conflict from the wickedLasers staff, and they kept telling me they'd ship my laser, but never did. I finally decided to cancel my order and go with BeamQ since I had been able to talk directly with the owner here previously and he'd made some quality guarantees. I ordered this laser and spoke with him over gtalk and he told me my laser would be shipped out in an hour! I was stunned at the amazing customer service given by beamQ, my laser was shipped that day, within the hour, and got to me in 8 days; way better than going 30 days without the product even shipping!

The laser came in a brown package that got a little beat up in transit, but nothing was harmed inside, everything was fairly securely wrapped - especially the lithium battery which was surrounded in 3 inches of bubble wrap. It comes with the laser, a battery and a charger (with cable) and the charger light starts out red and turns green when its fully charged. Battery charging from dead to full takes about 5 hours but even charging it 3 hours now and then will get you 6-7 hours of burning things.

The laser is exceptionally well built. There are rubber seals in every connection to prevent invasive water damage if submersed. The housing is all metal and a truly quality device. It's very sturdy and well built. You can feel the quality just in holding it, the weight and quality of construction are worth the price alone. On the back end is the part which you can unscrew to put your battery in, (negative side in first!) and on the tip of the back is also where the button is. The button alone is really high quality, its a firm and stable button which clicks down to turn on, and clicks down again to turn off. It's a really good sturdy button which is comfortable to press over and over again.

The instructions that came with anything in the box were all in chinese, so most of the things with the laser I had to figure out myself, although it was all fairly self explanatory.

Also in the box there is a Q-line carrying case for the laser, which is a nice sleeve to slide it into to prevent scratches while its in your pocket, or if you use the belt loop on its back, its a nice way to carry it.

Now for the focusing and using of the laser. To focus the laser, you simply turn the laser on by pressing the button on the back, aim at what you want it to be focused on, and twist the front end a direction until the dot is the smallest, and usually the surface you are aiming at starts to smoke. The only minor problem with the focus is that the lens on the inside of the head isn't entirely securely fitted in there, so if you focus it, then jostle it a bit, then aim back at the same point, the focus may have changed due to the lens wiggling a bit. I'm sure you could take off the head, put a drop of hot glue or electrical tape over the area and it'll be fixed completely, but that's pretty much the only flaw on this device, and it really is minor.

To sum things up, the service here at BeamQ is astounding and the shipping was fast(make sure you email and ask for a tracking number(which I was able to also put into the USPS tracking once it was in the U.S. to see where it was now that it was here in the states)), the product is of awesome quality, they're the only company I know of which sells authentically waterproof/water-resistant lasers, and they are a company of good trust. If they say a laser is 500mW at 445nm, thats exactly what you're going to get. There is no scam here, unlike other sites.

I'd recommend BeamQ to everyone I know over any other laser site simply due to customer service and quality of product which I received.
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