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Murata inclination sensors are an optimum choice for high accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments. The highest accuracy is available with SCA103T series that use differential measurement principle to compensate all common mode error and noise effects.

The best shock durability of the MEMS market provides trouble-free measurements in moving machines, vehicles, airplanes, construction machines and hand held devices.

SCA100T Inclinometers

Analog High Performance 2-axis Inclinometer
Size 11.31 x 5.08 x 15.58 mm3 (w x h x l)
14 µg/√Hz noise density
0.0025° resolution (10 Hz BW , analog output)
Offset temperature dependency (-25...85°C) ±0.008 °/°C
RoHS compliant
Sensing element controlled over damped frequence response

High performance
Robust design with high shock durability (20,000g)
Excellent stability over temperature and time

Instruments, Heavy Duty Vehicles
Platform leveling and stabilization
360° vertical orientation measurement
Leveling instruments
Construction levels

SCA100T-D01 2 ±30°,±0.5g 5 -40...+125
SCA100T-D02 2 ±90°,±1g 5 -40...+125

SCA103T Series: Size 11.31 x 15.58 x 5.08 mm3 (w x l x h)
SCA121T Inclination Module: Inclination module with 2-axis measurement
SCA61T Inclinometers: Size 11.31 x 5.08 x 15.58 mm3 (w x h x l)
SCA830 Inclinometers: Size 7.0 x 3.3 x 8.6 mm3 (w x h x l)
SCL1700 Inclination Sub-Assemblies: 2-axis configuration, for horizontal mounting 

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