High power Semiconductor Laser Infrared 1064nm 10W
High power Semiconductor Laser Infrared 1064nm 10W

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High power fiber coupled Semiconductor infrared laser system with 10W output power. 


The fiber optic power 10W
Fiber core diameter 400 μ m
Fibre numerical aperture of 0.22

Optional components:

Indicating light (650nm)
Monitor photodiode (PD)
Fiber-optic connector probes

Laser pump sources
Medical applications
Materials processing

Typical performance (25)
Typical value unit
Optical parameters
Output power Pop 10 W
The center wavelength of C - 1064 + 10 nm
The spectral width (90% energy) Delta - <7.0 NM
The wavelength - temperature coefficient of delta - Delta / T 0.35 nm/ C
Electrical parameters
Threshold current Ith 0.35 A
Working current Iop 3.7 A
Working voltage Vop 7.2 V
The slope efficiency of 2.7 W / A es
The energy conversion efficiency of EP 38%
Indicating beam *
Output power >2 mW Ppb
The center wavelength of Pb - 650 + 10 nm
Working current <30 mA Ipb
Working voltage ~2.2 V Vpb
Access fiber * *
Core size selection m dcore 400
The cladding diameter dclad 440 m selection
The diameter of dbuffer 700 coating selection M
Numerical aperture NA 0.22 -
Fiber length Lf 1 m
Fiber optic connector head - FC, SMA905 -

* indicator light: to provide customers with the choice of the built-in constant power and output control circuit, simply by providing external 5V constant pressure source can drive indicator light.
Fiber optic customizable.

Other parameters
Maximum unit of minimum value
Working temperature (10~40)
Relative working humidity <75%
Storage temperature (-20~ 80)
Relative humidity <90%

Pin weld temperature, the longest 10 s - 250

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