High Power Laser

A high power laser pointer pointer, diode, or beam offers precision targeting and focus with many colors to choose from.

The American National Standards Institute classifies lasers by their power from Class 1 to Class 4, with the higher the class the more powerful the laser. The power of a laser pointer is measure in milliwatts (mW) with those that are less than 1mW being Class 2 and those that are between 1 and 5mW being Class 3a. High powered laser pointers are generally those that are nearer 5mW and although these are considered safe to use it still pays to be careful when working with them. Lasers above 5mW can cause damage to the eyes and skin and these are generally not promoted as just pointers and typically safety goggles are recommended if using these.

High power laser pointer devices can be used for a number of applications. They are typically used in astronomy and can help to pick out and identify individual stars and constellations. They can also be used in construction as an aid to help create straight lines and level surfaces. Another application is as a presentation aid. If a screen projector is being used, a laser pointer can be employed to highlight information on it to focus the attention of those listening. It can also be used as a survival tool with anyone who gets lost or stranded using it to attract attention and show their location.

A high power laser pointer can have a number of applications and if you need a pointing tool they are something to consider. They are simple to use and effective although should be used carefully to ensure your own and others safety.

Burning Laser Pointers for Sale

There are so many Burning Laser Pointers for Sale, green burning laser pointers, red burning laser pointers, blue burning laser pointers. It's at least 200mW for burning.  It's better if the focus is adjustable, as it will be more powerful.  No burning laser pointers for Sale at eBay or amazon, as burning laser pointers for Sale is forbidden by law. However you can find burning laser modules for sale at eBay or amazon. You can only find burning laser pointers for Sale at beamq, armlaser, wickedlasers, droganlaser. The burning laser pointers for Sale always comes with laser goggles. The most poweful burning laser pointers for Sale is about 2000mW, 2W burning laser pointers.