High Power Burning Greenlight Laser

Burning high power green laser pen (laser pointer, handheld laser).True power 200mW burning green laser pointer, powerful and very bright. It burns many things,like papers,plastics and light a match. 
green laser wavelength is 532nm. 

Greenlight laser 
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 2.2CM
Class: IIIB 
Wavelength: 532nm
Output Power: >200mW
Output Mode: Constant Wave 
Project distance : 6000m away.
Battery: CR123A x 1pcs
Dot Size: <φ18MM,10M distance
Operation Temperature (℃)   0℃~+30℃
Storage Temperature (℃) -10℃~+40℃
Warm-up Time (seconds)   1 second
Operating Voltage    DC=3.0-5.5 
Operating Current   <200mA     
Charger Included.  


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