High Energy 1064nm Q-switched Pulsed Infrared Laser
High Energy 1064nm Q-switched Pulsed Infrared Laser

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High energy 1064nm 20-170mJ Q-switched (EOM) Pulsed Near Infrared Laser System. Both of the single pulse energy and beam divergence are customized. The pulsed laser use AOM to get the high energy.Repetition frequency as high as 20Mhz. Diameters and Weight.High energy lamp pumped solid state Q-switched laser at 1064nm has the features of high single pulse energy, short pulse duration, and high peak power, which is widely used in in PIV, LIF, LIBS, ICP-MS, Raman, scientific research, military ,and so on


High energy up to 170mJ
Lightweight, compact design
Superior beam quality
Flexible interface concept: analog
Water-to-Air cooled
Best reliability and lifetime


Wavelength (nm):1064±1
Operating mode: Q-switched,EOM (Electro-optic modulation)
Single pulse energy (mJ):50,100,200,300
Pulse duration (ns):<10, <10,<8,<8
Rep. rate (Hz):1~10 (adjustable)
Energy stability:≤1%,2%,3%
Warm-up time (minutes):<15
Beam divergence, harf angle (mrad):~1,~1,~1,~3
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad):~1.5,~1.0
Beam diameter (mm):<6, <6,<6,<7
Beam height from base plate (mm):75
Warm-up time (minutes): <15
Available Options: SHG Module; Higher repetition rates:≤20Hz; Jitter :~1ns(Sdev); Accessories

Cooled method: Water Cooled
Operating temperature (℃):15~35
Power supply (220/110VAC):PSU-LPS-A(3U)
Expected lifetime (pulses):107 ~108
Warranty period:1 year
Available Options:SHG Module, Jitter~1ns, Sdev
Diameters and Weight: 480(L) ×460(W) ×135(H) mm3, 15 kg


Laser distance measuring
Scientific experiment
Optical instrument

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