G-STACK semiconductor lasers
G-STACK semiconductor lasers

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G-STACK semiconductor lasers

High Power Conduction Refrigeration Semiconductor Laser Array
Single bar40W-300W
Total peak power up to 10kw
Duty cycle up to 20%
Imported chip
Gold-tin or soft-solder package options
Long life, high reliability
-40 ° C to 55 ° C in the work environment

Product description:

Conduction refrigeration semiconductor laser single bar power of 40W-300W, wavelength from 808nm-9XXnm optional. The total peak power of a single device can be as high as 10kW. According to customer needs, the package structure can be customized into a variety, with the overall laser system installation. With its superb packaging technology, flexible customization and high stability, Dongfangguang successfully provides customized services to many universities and research institutes.

Product features:

Single bar40W-300W.
Total peak power up to 10kw.
Duty cycle up to 20%.
Import chip.
Available in gold-tin or soft-solder packages.
Long life, high reliability.
Can work in the environment of -40 ° C to 55 ° C.


Semiconductor side - pumped laser
Material processing

Technical Parameters:

Model: PCQCW / CW-100 ~ 300-N
Peak power: 100W-10000W
Wavelength: 808 nm, 9XX nm
Single bar power: 100W-300W
Single device bar bar number: 1 ~ 40bars
Packaging pitch: 0.4mm ~ 6mm
Working mode: CW / QCW
Packaging structure: arc structure, horizontal structure, vertical structure

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