green laser kaleidoscope

You can get green laser kaleidoscope here at BeamQ, there are three kinds of green laser kaleidoscope. The first one, 150mW Green Laser Pointer LED&Kaleidoscope:

Made LED, Kaleidoscope into 150mw green laser pointer . Press the push button to turn it on. Release the push button to shut if off automatically. Press the "LED" button to turn LED on(the second picture),press the "LASER" button to turn kaleidoscope laser pointer on(the third picture),whirl the head to see different kaleidoscope shapes. Take off the head, it works as 150mw green laser pointer.

The second is Green Laser Pointers Kaleidoscope:
Simply press the Laser Beam Button to drive the laser pointer; at the same time, turning the cap, laser beam will emit directly from the Laser Output Aperture. You will see sparkling stars change variously in the sky. Itís 50mW green laser. And the last one is Disco Laser:

Option 1: green laser pointers kaleidoscope
Option 2: variable laser dot shapes, such as the third picture,shake it to change the shape.
The Disco Laser has the same power as the second one, 50mW.† All the three types of green laser is green laser kaleidoscope. The green laser kaleidoscope is funny and the perfect choice for gift , and itís cool to play with them on party.