Green Laser 50mw Pointer

There are many kinds of “green laser 50mw pointer”, pearl,black,and Kaleidoscope. The “green laser 50mw pointer” is CLASS IIIB laser ,  so it is high power laser and can be dangerous for human eyes and planes.  A 50mw laser beam is visible in darkness, even in light and fogs, and it’s as bright as BeamQ 200mw red laser pointer It’s a perfect tool for astronomy . The “100mW Burning Laser Pointer” is too powerful to be used as skypointer, and “green laser 50mw pointer” is enough for pointing. However it’s still too high for presentation. Most of the “green laser 50mw pointer” are pen-sized , but some of them are flashlight type.


The power range of “green laser 50mw pointer” is about 45mW-60mW. The “green laser 50mw pointer” can’t light a match or burn plastics. Sometimes you may find that it’s hard to take a green laser 50mw pointer from 100mw green laser , as they’re both bright. However if you test the heat, there are noticeable differences.


“Green laser 50mw pointer” is the lowest power at BeamQ Online Stores. If you want some lower power, just check for more details. They’re laser pointer wholesalers and selling 5mw, 10mw and other promotional imprinted laser pointers. They can make OEM products for customers.