Free Space Faraday Optical Isolator 1064nm

Free Space Faraday Optical Isolator 1064nm. Free Space Faraday Optical Isolator 1030/1064/1550nm 2/3/5mm 500mW-5W . We also have isolator for 780nm / 808nm / 850nm / 920nm / 1030nm .

High Power Free Space Polarization Dependent Faraday Isolator(HIO) is used for avoiding deleterious effect to Fiber Laser from the reflecting light.

These Isolator has the high damage threshold and high transmission and high isolation in customized 780-1100nm wavelength range. It is ideal for ultra-fast fiber laser, solid-state laser, multi-level laser amplifier, Optical parametric oscillator Ring laser, Erbium-doped fiber amplifier, or seed injecting laser and etc.

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