Focus on Laser Pointers

Putting the Focus on Laser Pointers

It was during my senior year in college when a friend gave me a laser pointer. I was amazed when it kept my pet cat amused for hours. Well, I was pretty amused by it myself. It was surely fun for my pet even if this type of laser pointer may not be a laser at all. You can buy this gadget in all kinds and strengths depending on what you need one for.

In recent years, laser pointers have become popular pet toys, and you can buy them almost anywhere. Some types even come with different attachments that can change the beam of light. They use a series of small batteries that can last for quite a while before you need to buy new ones. They can be attached on key chains so you can bring them along wherever you go. The little beam of light provided by laser pointers can be really useful if you are trying to fit your key into your car door in total darkness .

The larger and more powerful models can be used for other purposes other than just entertaining your pet. In fact, university professors and businessmen use these gadgets for their presentations. Laser pointers make it easy to point something out from anywhere in the room. It allows the speakers and meeting heads to be free to move about the room instead of being stuck standing next to their presentation.

However, you may run into trouble if you forget how powerful these laser pointers can be. I once had one with me as I was riding down the interstate in the middle of the night. I was not driving and it was late, so I tried to amuse myself. I shot my little pointer out the window and was amazed at how far it would go. It produced a red light on highway signs that were quite far in front of me. Upon reflection, it was a rather stupid thing to do because I could have blinded a driver coming in my direction.

You have to remember that laser pointers are more powerful than they seem, if you are fond of playing with them. Make sure you aren抰 doing something to blind someone, and try to avoid causing any problems. Events like concerts and movies don抰 allow people to bring in laser pointers because people aren抰 always considerate of others. Remember that you can make people angry if you point your pointer at the movie screen throughout the entire movie.