Flash Rom Ram Samsun
Flash Rom Ram Samsun

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Flash Rom Ram from Samsun Company, EMCP16+20nm, flash ram rom memory eMCP,  1120 pcs in one package. Please contact us if you need to place an order.  Samsun eMCP Samsun Multi-Chip Packages can help reduce the time to market for handheld devices

KMFJ20007M-B214 4GB 0.75GB MV4GB6G MLC
KMFJ20007A-A214 4GB 0.75GB MV4GB6G MLC
KMQN10006M-B318 8GB 1.5GB MV8GB12G MLC
KMQN10013M-B318 8GB 2GB MV8GB16G MLC
KMF310012M-B305 16GB 1GB MV16GB08G MLC
KMQ310006A-B419 16GB 1.5GB MV16GB12G MLC
KMQ310013M-B419 16GB 2GB MV16GB16G MLC
KMR31000BA-B614 16GB 3GB MV16GB24G MLC
KMR21000BM-B809 32GB 3GB MV32GB24G MLC
KMF720012M-B214 8GB 1GB MV8GB8G TLC
KMF820012M-B305 16GB 1GB MV16GB08G TLC
KMQ820013M-B419 16GB 2GB MV1616B16G TLC
KMQ4Z0013M-B809 32GB 2GB MV32GB16G TLC 
KMRC1000BM-B809 64GB 3GB MV64GB24G MLC

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