Fiber optical isolator WDM Hybrid Device for Fiber Amplifier
Fiber optical isolator WDM Hybrid Device for Fiber Amplifier

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single stage/dual stage fiber optical isolator +wdm Hybrid Device for Fiber Amplifier

  1. Description: The IWDM is built based on isolator and thin film filter to fullfill hybrid isolator+WDM function in one single compact package, it includes two different confugration due to pump direction, "forward pump" and "backward pump".   2. Features: Wide Operating Wavelength Low IL & PDL & High Isolation High Stability and Reliability   3. Application:  Fiber Amplifier Fiber optic Instrument 4. Specifications:
Parameters Unit 1480/1550 980/1550
Isolator Stage --- Single Stage Dual Stage Single Stage Dual Stage
Isolation dB 21 36 21 36
Insertion loss (Signal) dB 0.6 0.8 0.9 1.0
PMD ps 0.25 0.05 0.25 0.05
Signal wavelength range nm 1528~1565(C-band) 1528~1565(C-band)
Pump wavelength range nm 1450~1490 960~990
Insertion loss (Pump) dB 0.5 0.6
Transmitted Isolation (Pump) dB 30 30
Reflected Isolation (Signal) dB 15 15
PDL dB 0.10
WDL dB 0.3
Directivity dB 55
Return loss dB 50
Thermal stability dB/ 0.005
Power handling mW 500
Operating temperature 0 ~ +70
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85
Package dimension mm 5.5 × 38
Fiber Type:( Common / Pump) --- SMF-28e Hi1060
Fiber Type (Signal) ---  SMF-28
Remark: * Above specifications are for device without connector. * For devices with connectors, please refer to patchcord spec., the "fiber length" is with connectors. * Other WDM function can be customized. 5.Ordering lnformation:
PG- Stage Pump type Wavelength Pigtail type Package Connector Fiber length
S=single stage D=dual stage F=forward Pump B=backward pump 1598=T15/R98 1514=T15/R14 etc 0=Bare fiber 1=0.9mm Loose tube 2=2mm 3=3mm S=specified 5.5x38mm FP=FC/PC FA=FC/APC SP=SC/PC SA=SC/APC etc 05=0.5m




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