Features of AOM

The AOM,the abbreviation of Acousto-optical Modulators, is the newest and important product in the market, now it can be made to the wavelength of 1550nm,1064nm and 2000nm. There are the 1064nm AOM with fiber type of 10/125 in stock, which is also the popular one in the market. Meanwhile, we also can customize it according to your requirements. If you need some special requirements, please feel free contact us beofore placing the order.

Now there are two mian types of the AOMs, Fiber-coupled Acousto-optical Modulators and Free-space Acousto-optical Modulators:

Features of Fiber-coupled AOM:

Fiber-coupled devices are often preferred where the application is in a fiber system or network, or if optical fiber is used for the beam delivery. The most common fiber-coupled devices are Modulators, fixed Frequency Shifters and Tunable Filters.

Features of Free-space AOM:

Standard free space acousto-optic modulator is used to modulate the intensity of digital or analog of the laser beam.

More information about the AOM:

AOM are used to control laser beam intensity.

It can be simple ON:OFF modulation for fast switching or variable level modulation to provide proportional intensity control. 

The RF drive frequency is typically fixed and the RF amplitude is modulated accordingly.

The optical rise and fall time is defined by the laser beam diameter in the AOM with  the crystal acoustic velocity. The beam will be needed to be focused at the AOM for the high modulation rates.

Fiber-coupled AO Modulators from Brimrose for your reference.