Questions about your product Focus-adjustable 200mW Red Laser Module with 660nm wavelength. Are these new lasers?  How many do you have in stock? How much is shipping to Valdese, NC?  Do you sell line generator lens to fit this product?  Your product is very inexpensive compared to other places,how can you sell them at a low price?  

Totally new lasers.1000 PCS produced per month shipping fee $9.8 Yes, line generator is included if you need them. There is a little lens in the head.Manufacturer directly.

We are interested in your 50mW 532nm Green Laser pointer in black color. We are located in Athens, Greece. Could you please tell me if you make shipments to Greece? If so, what are the delivery terms? Also, could you please tell me the total price (transportation cost included)?

Total price is the product price + 9.8$ shipping cost. One week for shipping. You can place the order directly. Thanks. 

I was interested in the 200mw green laser u sell.Can this be used for self defence if it is pointed directly at eyes?Will this inpair the attacker.

yes, but it will hurt the eyes. 

The shipping time is one week. Free shipping. We use UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS and so on. 

How many kinds of batteries?
There are CR2, CR123A, 16340, 18650 .

How long does it need to charge ?
Most of the batteries need 2 hours charging. When it's fully charged, the indicator lights will turn to green. Don't worry about long time charge, the charge will protect the batteries.

How to use the  batteries ?
Make sure that the + and - symbols are correctly matched up. Most of the lasers need to insert with the positive pole of the batteries outside and the negative pole inside, especailly when it's the infrared 808nm 400mW laser.

How to make the payment ?
You can make the payment with your credit cards,bank transfer, Western union or money gram

Do any of the laser modules come with AC-DC adapters or is that something that needs to be purchased separately from a 3rd party ?
All of the follow laser modules come with AC-DC adapters.
We will send you a free AC-DC adapters if your order is more than $200.
If not,you need to purchase it separately.

How to use the e-mail to place the order ?
Pls tell us the product which you want to buy,also pls tell us your telephone number and shipping address. Then we'll send you the invoice. You can make the payment with you credit cards in through the link.  The laser will be sent out in 24 hours after the payment.

How to return the laser if it doesn't work ?
We will send you a new one.We are sorry for what happening.
Please return the old one when you get the replacement.