Excimer lasers 193 nm,248 nm,308 nm, and 351 nm
Excimer lasers 193 nm,248 nm,308 nm, and 351 nm

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The Excimer lasers are highly effective light sources, featuring a compact design and easy installation and operation. They deliver superior results in demanding applications, such as solid sampling systems, material research and precise material processing.
Featuring ceramic preionization, the provides multihundred millijoules output, plus unmatched pulse-to-pulse stability.
It also comes with an improved gas processor that extends both gas and optics lifetimes.


Selection of 193 nm, 248 nm,308 nm, and 351 nm wavelengths for full material flexibility. Superior pulse energy of up to 750 mJ to enable effective ablation at large field size
Unrivalled pulse stability of 0.75%,rms to ensure high fluence control
Ultimate pulse control and system parameter logging to deliver smart and reproducible thin films

PLD – Pulsed Laser Deposition
Thin Wafer Processing
Laser Lift-Off/Debonding

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