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Er:YAG enjoys an advantage over other laser crystals in the 2.94 micron range in that it employs YAG as the host crystal. The physical, thermal and optical properties of YAG are widely known and well understood. Laser designers and operators can apply their depth of experience with Nd:YAG laser systems to achieve superior performance from 2.94 micron laser systems using Er:YAG. Unionlight can produce Er:YAG crystals of excellent optical quality, low scattering losses, with higher efficiency, higher output and higher damage threshold.  

Er Dopant concentration: up to 50%
Crystal Orientation: <100>  within 5
Flatness: < λ/10 at 633nm
Parallelism: ≤ 30"
Perpendicularity: ≤ 5 ′
Surface Quality: 10/5 Scratch / Dig
Extinction ration: ≥ 25dB
Size: Rods: Ф (3~10)mm(30~180)mm;Slabs: (3~12)mm(6-24)mm(60~180)mm
Dimensional tolerances: Diameter: 0.00"/-0.05"mm;Length: 0.05";Chamfer: <0.1 mm @ 45
AR Coating Reflectivity: ≤ 0.2% (@2940nm)

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