Diffusion Bonding Crystals
Diffusion Bonding Crystals

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Diffusion Bonding Crystals
Diffusion bonding crystals are crystals consisting of two, three or more parts with different dopant levels or different dopant. Usually, one laser crystal and one or two undoped crystals combined by optical contact and further bonded under high temperature. It can have different wedged structure, Brewster angles, etc.
These Diffusion Bonded composite crystals are used to effectively decrease heat effect of Solid-State High-Power Laser:
High damage threshold;
Improve beam quality;
Decrease thermal effect;
Improve efficiency;
Compact size.

Nd:YVO4 Doping: atm 0.2-3%
Nd:YAG Doping: 0.5-1.1%
Wavefront Distortion: < λ /8 at 633 nm
Scattering Sites: invisible, probed with a He-Ne laser
Orientation: 0.5deg.
Dimensional Tolerance: 0.1mm
Surface quality: 10/5 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-13830B
Flatness: λ /10 at 633 nm
Clear Aperture: > Central 90%
Parallelism: < 10 arc sec.
Intrinsic Loss: < 0.1% cm-1
Coating: AR or HR coating

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