DFB Laser

DFB Lasers are single mode lasers containing an integrated grating structure. The result is a single mode emission at an outmost precise wavelength with an extremely narrow line width.DFB Lasers are for sophisticated industry applications, e.g. fiber testing, and science, such as analytics, Raman spectroscopy, frequency conversion, and exciting certain atom resonances.

Sellers for DFB lasers:

Eagleyard provides the largest variety of wavelengths available on the market, between 633nm and 1083 nm with output powers from 10mW to 150 mW.

Applications for DFB lasers:

DFB Lasers Between 760 nm and 16 m for Sensing Applications.

A Review of Recent Papers and Articles 2014:

Survey of DBR/DFB Lasers of 400 to 2800 nm.

DFB lasers with deeply etched vertical grating based on InAs-InP quantum-dash structures.