CW Linearly Polarized Ytterbium YB Fiber Laser
CW Linearly Polarized Ytterbium YB Fiber Laser

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CW Linearly Polarized Fiber Laser series delivering up to 5W of power through polarization maintaining single mode output fiber. All-fiber design guarantees the robustness of the laser, eliminating any alignment of free-space parts and risk of mis-alignment over time and use. Excellent beam quality (M2<1.1) and power stability make OLFL-CW-P series widely applicable for use in various industrial and scientific applications. Isolator is built in for protection from reflected light..

Excellent Beam Quality
0.5W to 5W Output Optical Power
Linear Polarization(ER>16dB)
Single Mode Fiber Delivery
Highly reliable laser diode pumps
Maintenance free operation
Air cooled
Applications: Research & Measurement

Optical characteristics:

Mode of operation: CW
Center wavelenght: 1060-1075nm
Output power:0.5-5W
Output power adjustment:10~100%
Polarization extinction ratio:16dB
Output power stability(short term):=<3%
Output power stability(long term):=<3%
Typical beam quality:1.1M (typ.)
Output fiber:PM single mode fiber

Mechanical & Environmental characteristics:

Dimensions(W*D*H): 360x300x130
Weight: 11kg
Cooling: Air
Output fiber armored cable:6.5mm
Operating temperature range: -5 to 40°C
Storage temperature range: -20 to 70°C
Humidity:10 to 90%

Electrical characteristics:

Electrical requirement:100/220VAC
Maximum Power consumtion:90W


5kW High peak power, 0.2 mJ high pulse energy, linearly-polarized pulsed laser from a single all-fiber oscillator.

Amonics’ high power fiber laser (ALiDAR) series offers eye-safe, single mode, linear polarized nanosecond-pulsed all fiber laser source with master-oscillator-power-amplifier.

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