CO2 Laser Power Supply 40W-70W
CO2 Laser Power Supply 40W-70W

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This laser power supply has zero current and half bridge soft switch circuit. High efficiency and quick response speed. It is easy to match with any CO2 laser tube.It is easy to controll, suitable to high or low level signal. The TTL level can control start and stop of the laser output.It has emergency protection switch which can indicate water through and ventilation.

The output power can be adjusted by 0-5V analog signal or PWM signal.It has open cirsuit protection function. Each laser power supply need to pass aging test which is taken at 60 degree centigrade for 12 hours in full load status. All the power supply must start and stop at each 7 seconds for 500 times.

Input AC Voltage: AC220V or AC110V
Input DC Voltage: DC 300V or DC150V
Input AC Frequency:47-440Hz
Max. Output Voltage:35V
Max. Output Current:24mA(Depends on Laser tube)
Efficiency: 91%
Over Current Protection: 130% of Max.Current
Open circuit Protection: Yes (For short time)
Cooling: Fan Cooling
Voltage Range of High Level Control: >3V
Voltage Range of Low Level Control: >0.8V
Working Temperature:-30 - +65 
Humidity:20-85%RH(No Dew)
Leakage Current:>1mA(AC220V)<0.5 mA(AC110V)
Shock Resistance:Amplitude: 0.5mm, Frequecy:10-55Hz, 3D Dretion:2 Hours
MTBF:>30,000 hours
Full Load 60 Degree Centigrade test: 12Hours
7 Seconds Start/Stop Test: 500 Times
Dimension(LXWXH): 205mmx178mmx96mm

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