Cheap High Power

The laser pointer with a power higher than 5mW is harmful to human eyes. The high power laser pointer has a power much higher than 5mW, such as 50mW, 100mW and even 500mW. Highpower laserpointer is classified into high power red laser pointer, high power green laser pointer, high power blue laser pointer, high power violet laser pointer. Because the brightness is  different . A high power red laser pointer has a power higher than 100mW, green has 50mW, blue has 100mW and violet has 200mW. The high power green laser pointer is much brighter than high power red ones.

Usually the high power laser pointers are expensive.  When we can them to be a cheap high power laser pointer, that means a high power red cost less than 100$, high power green less than 50$, blue less than 500$. Cheap high power laser pointer doesn’t mean it’s not a good high power laser pointer. BeamQ cheap high power laser pointer has red, green, blue and violet. They have good quality and a long-time guarantee.  The cheap high power laser pointer is directly sold by manufacturers. And they always meet the customers’ needs and 100% customer service satisfaction.