Cheap green lasers pointers

Many laser enthusiasts purchase cheap green lasers pointers online. There are some sellers for you to choose: thinklasers,beamq,laserglow,highlasers,dinodirect,laserto .. The green laser pointers are expensive because the green laser diode is not cheap. It is the main part of green laser pointers. If you're searching cheap green laser pointers,don't choose the ones with low quality green laser diode. It has short life-time, in fact it's not cheap. To get cheap green lasers pointers, the most important thing is to get a lower power green lasers pointers, the lower the better. If you need cheap green lasers pointers indoors, choose a 5mw green lasers pointer, 5mw is enough for presentation. If you need a green lasers starpointer, pick a 50mw green lasers pointer. The 50mw green lasers pointer is bright in darkness, and you will see visible laser beam line from you to the stars. 

If you want cheap green lasers pointers for laser burner, buy one green lasers pointer with adjustable focus, which make it more powerful. Most of the cheap green lasers pointers are pen style. Don't choose flashlight style laser, it's not as cheap as pen style.