Cheap Blue Laser Pointers

Some years ago , the red laser pointer is very expensive, can you imagine that since you can buy red laser with 5 dollars ? In those days , red laser just came out , and a few manufactures can made it ,so its price was quite high. After that , the green laser was developed, which was sold on hundreds of dollars , but now you can buy a green laser pointer with 35.99 dollars on . You may notice that the price of green laser pointers is keeping down these two years . Thatís right , we may spend 5 dollars on green laser one day , as much as red laser today .

While talking about the blue lasers , itís sold on 400 dollars nowadays , but in future , the price might be 300$, 100$,50$,20$, even 5$ ! So is the yellow laser pointer . New tech is introduced , and we will get more and more good and interesting lasers , white laser and so on . So we can say , cheap blue laser pointer and expensive red laser pointer.

The cheapest 1000mW blue laser pointer, 1W laser only costs 149$.†