Blue laser safety goggles 405nm 445nm 473nm
Blue laser safety goggles 405nm 445nm 473nm

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Absorbs wavelengths from 370nm to 560nm, with an OD of +5 to +6 depending on the wavelength.
They don't provide protection against red or infrared lasers.  
They are intended for use with blue, and violet lasers.

Laser eye protection for medical, military, aerospace, scientific and industrial applications. These protective filters are available in a wide range of frame styles to meet the needs of every application.
laser safety glasses/goggles/laser protective glasses
for 532nm green lasers , 405nm violet purple lasers and 445nm-450nm blue lasers
Laser protection eyewear are glasses or goggles used to protect eyes from damage from visible and invisible wavelengths of laser light.
This glasses is stylish/good quality and It is ideal for use in most laser applications and can befortably worn for long periods.
works great for green laser/ violet laser and expecially the 445nm-450nm 1W/1000mW Blue laser