Blue laser modules 445nm-450nm 50mW 200mW
Blue laser modules 445nm-450nm 50mW 200mW

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The blue laser modules is well designed. It's used widely in many applications: laser show, display, laser alignment, scanning biochemistry, material inspection. The wavelength for this 445nm Diode Laser Modules is 445nm - 450nm.  The most used blue laser modules are 445nm blue laser module, 447nm blue laser module and 450nm module. There is only one laser module, not 3 lasers.

It is a ready to plug & play module with power supply. Check the checkbox if you need the AC DC Adapter.  If you need a blue laser module for long time working, such as continuous work for several hours, check the following Air cooled blue laser :

Dimensions: φ20*58mm
Output Wavelength: 445nm
Power supply:110V-240V
Material: Aluminum
Output Power: 50mW-200mW (You can select the power above)
Operating Voltage: DC=3-5V
Operating Current: I<600mA
Operating Temp. Range -10℃ ~ + 40℃
Storage Temp. Range +10℃ ~ +40℃
Life expectancy: 10000 Hours.

In the following pictures, you will see a blue laser module , comparing to a 18650 batteries.

How to install the blue laser modules if you want to cut off our adapter?

Connect the red line to + , while the white line to -

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