Birding Laser

For birding, we usually don't leave the laser on very long, but it depends on how large the birder group is. If there are a lot of people in the group some times we have to show where the bird is for maybe 5-10 seconds. This laser for birders can be working for the application. Here are some emails about birding lasers:

As for the first 5, two went directly to Ecuador, being used by a birding guide there. He said that he has used about 15 lasers prior to yours and they all failed quickly due to moisture or other mechanical reasons. The Beam Q worked very well and never had a major problem.

He did have a couple of comments. In case you are interested, I have copied his "review" below.He knows many bird guides in the US and south america, as do I. So I think the word will be traveling about your products.

I would say that, for birding, a "momentary" switch would be much better.However I can imagine that a momentary switch might not be as durable...but not sure.

Anyway, thanks for checking in. I'm in Vietnam now and leaving to lead a birding tour in Myanmar tomorrow; and will be using your laser pointer, of course.One of the clients for my tour is a big-name birder from California, and he will get to see the laser in action!