Between Green and Red

The color green is the most perceptible color to the human eye. Green lasers now appear as ultra bright light sources when compared to other colors of equal power. As an example a 5 mw green laser will appear many times brighter than a 5 mw red laser. A 5 mw green laser beam (ray) will be visible in low light where a red laser is only visible as the impact point on the target. A great advantage is that you get this brightness without exceeding the 5 mw Class3a compliance regulation as required by the FDA. Any laser when one is looking into the beam on a clear night will appear as the brightest object on the horizon, even from distances of up to many miles. The range of green lasers will often exceed the limits of visibility limited by the curvature of the earth. A point source of omni-directional light would have to exceed many millions of degrees K in temperature to be equivalent even to the lowest of powered lasers