Beam Expanders for Blue Lasers
Beam Expanders for Blue Lasers

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Beam Expanders,3x, 5x, 10x Options of Expansion Power. A laser beam expander is designed to increase the diameter of a collimated input beam to a larger collimated output beam. Beam expanders are used in applications such as laser scanning, interferometry, and remote sensing. Contemporary laser beam expander designs are afocal systems that developed from well-established optical telescope fundamentals. In such systems, the object rays, located at infinity, enter parallel to the optical axis of the internal optics and exit parallel to them as well. This means that there is no focal length to the entire system.

High Performance Optical Design
Fine adjustment of Focus with Knob
>99% High Transmission Coating
3x, 5x, 10x Options of Expansion Power
Interchangable Adapter Rings or Mounting Holes

Laser Alignment
Laser Leveling
Aiming and Positioning
Laser Surveying

These Beam Expanders provide an ideal solution for expanding or reducing beam diameters. Beam expanders are commonly used to reduce divergence. Another common use is to expand the beam and then focus with another lens to take advantage of a reduction in spot size. These beam expanders have all been designed to minimize the telescope length, minimize the introduced wavefront error (<λ/4), and provide diffraction-limited performance (for <Ø1 mm input).

Item # Expansion Input Aperture Max. Input 1/e2 AR Coating
JL-3X 3X Ø5 mm 15 mm 350-650 nm
JL-5X 5X Ø4 mm 20 mm 350-650 nm
JL-10X 10X Ø3 mm 26 mm 350-650 nm

For Diffraction-Limited Performance
Expansion Power:3X/5x/10x
Entrance Aperture (mm):2
Exit Aperture (mm):Entrance Beam Diameter x Magnification 27 Maximum
Coating:1/4 λ MgF2 @ 532nm;450—700nm >99%, 400nm >90%
Damage threshold: 200kw/㎡
Transmitted Wavefront, RMS (λ):1/4 @ 532nm
Light transmission:>99%: 450-700nm , >95% : 400-450nm
Total Length (mm):114.95
Housing Diameter (mm):50
Construction:Black Anodized Aluminum