Applications Of UV Laser

The UV laser from Worldwide Laser provided permanent clear professional appearing color contrasting marking without any additives and without any damage. No debris or flame was produced by the laser light contracting the parts and confirm that laser marking with UV lasers is a very clean method of marking  products.  The usual qualities of the UV laser are present with this product application meaning no smoke, debris or flame results while laser marking the product is marked without any contact to the product and with no additives.

The UV lasers were used to mark the plastic handle of tools the UV laser marking replaces a traditional method of ink or chemical marking, the UV series of lasers from Worldwide Laser is able to mark the plastic parts with a permanent highly readable professional look without any additives and without contacting the part so no damage to the part takes place. 

In addition, the UV lasers are good for prototyping and production of touchpanels. The touchpanel overlay is often made by placing a thin clear film of ITO on a clear substrate by plasma. The market made a number of very large touchscreen panels using a fiber laser, but the drawback was that the fiber laser removal was more visible than the UV. The UV wavelength/laser is the laser of choice for ITO touchpanel work. 

Touchpanels are more widely used now as signs at malls, stores, museums, and also on devices (large monitors for casino games, home use, etc.).