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Ge Acousto-Optic Modulator For High Power Laser Applications.
Compact acousto-optic modulator operatingin the purely Raman — Nath diffraction regime as a phase modulator in FM spectroscopy

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Three acousto-optical modulators operating in the weak Bragg regime are inserted into a Mach-Zender interferometer. This configuration computes the bispectrum of the electrical signals input to the modulators.

There are lots of AOM  Suppliers where you can purchase acoustic optical modulators. Here is a suppliers list for your reference. Here are the websites for all the AOM suppliers, where you can go their AOM product page directly.


Acal BFi (if you want to visit the company's website, check this list.)have the AOM from Isomet Corporation. They also supply Acousto-Optic Deflectors, Acousto-optics for CO2-Lasers,Q-switches. They design and manufacture laser control components and sub-systems which control lasers by acousto-optic technology.

ALPHALAS GmbH design the phase electro-optic modulators up to 100 MHz with drivers, acousto-optic modulators using TeO2 and quartz with drivers.

Laser 2000 GmbH supply Fiber Pigtailed Acousto-Optic Modulators. Their  fiber optic modulators are rugged and compact. It is electronically programmable, using a mocroprocessor connected to their RF driver unit.

AMS Technologies AG designs acousto optic modulator. It is a device that modulates and controls the intensity of an optical beam. It passes through the modulator.Forming a beam waist for highest speeds the laser beam will be focused down.

APE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH, their acousto-optical modulator modifies the intensity of the laser beam. It can be used as an acousto-optical chopper for Lock-In detection systems. It  is a higher modulation frequency. What's more, it doesn’t generate mechanical vibration. It won't bring negative effects on the signal detection as it doesn’t contain flexible parts. In analog operation the laser intensities can be adjusted at will and time modulated.

Pegasus Optik GmbH design Fiber-coupled AOM, The fiber-coupled systems as a frequency shifter depending on the model or Q-switch.They offer standard versions with polarization-preserving single-mode fiber and other fiber types.

EQ Photonics GmbH Designs Polychromatic acousto-optic modulator. It is a special configuration of an AOTF.


IntraAction designs acoustic optical modulators. There are four features: high optical capability; intensity modulation; optical frequency shifting; high reliability; excellent tempearture stability.


Gooch & Housego can manufacture an extensive range of AO Modulators, from a variety of materials covering UV to mid IR for scientific, industrial & biomedical applications. Their products are available Fibre-Coupled and they also can design RF drivers.

Gooch & Housego offers a wide variety of multi-channel modulators and can design solutions to fit your needs. As opposed to a typical modulator with just one RF connection to adjust the laser intensity of a single beam, multi-channel AO modulators have a linear array of independently controlled channels propagating through the same acousto-optic material. Such devices can be used to modulate sections within a sheet of light or individual beams propagating through each of the channels. Applications include high speed micromachining and direct-write-lithography.

The Gooch & Housego Fiber-Q is a range of fiber coupled acousto-optic modulator products. Following receipt earlier this year of an inquiry from a large Japanese company for Fiber-Qs operating at 488nm (blue) and 532nm (green), G&H have decided to extend the Fiber-Q range with the introduction of a product operating in the visible wavelength region (approximately 400nm-700nm).

Gooch Housego announced that the Fiber-Q was given the prestigious Institute of Physics (IOP) Award for Innovation at a ceremony based Institute in October. The award winning fiber coupled acousto-optic modulator was then presented to members of both Houses of the British Parliament at an event on November 27 hosted by Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Harris Electro-Optic Solutions is the premier destination for advanced electro-optic design services, standard and custom electro-optic products, as well as complete refurbishment services for all of our products.Harris Corporation offers a broad range of acousto-optic modulators including acousto-optic cavity dumpers/pulse pickers, 8- and 32-channel acousto-optic modulators, NIR acousto-optic frequency shifters, and acousto-optic UV deflectors as well as custom electro-optical solutions to meet your performance requirements.

This is a Burleigh/Isomet model 1240 acousto-optic modulator. Crystal is in perfect condition with AR coating on ends and measures 42 mm by 9 mm by 6 mm.

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Selecting an acousto-optic modulator

Characteristics of six available acousto-optic modulators useful in laser applications such as laser recording, laser nonimpact computer printout, analog grey-scale recording, laser exposure of printing plates, and laser facsimile transmission are tabulated, and they include: the wavelengths, the operating mode, the maximum power and the risetime. The article reviews the basic design, parameters, and performance ranges of acousto-optical modulators, including optical, electronic, and acoustomechanical components. All of the modulators covered employ glass or fused quartz elements, have fast rise times, and can be mass-produced.