AOM modulator

High quality Acousto optic modulators for Q-switch laser and other applications. AOMs with wavelength of 1064nm,1550nm,2000nm are fiber coupled, while those 532nm,581nm,614nm, 705nm, 780nm are free space . You need to choose the wavelength, frequency, fiber type,fiber jacket on in&out and fiber length. Email us if you have any questions.

1. Most of the specification can be customized according to your requirements. Please send us your application details.
2. The lead time is about 1-2 weeks, and we can ship over the world.
3. AOM has the drivers included, that means the price is for whole unit,an Acousto optic modulator and a driver.

An acousto-optic modulator (AOM) uses the acousto-optic effect to diffract and shift the frequency of light using sound waves (usually at radio-frequency).More news about AOM modulators.They are used in lasers for Q-switching, telecommunications for signal modulation, and in spectroscopy for frequency control. A piezoelectric transducer is attached to a material such as glass. An oscillating electric signal drives the transducer to vibrate, which creates sound waves in the material. These can be thought of as moving periodic planes of expansion and compression that change the index of refraction. Incoming light scatters off the resulting periodic index modulation and interference occurs similar to Bragg diffraction. The interaction can be thought of as a three-wave mixing process resulting in Sum-frequency generation or Difference-frequency generation between phonons and photons

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