Alternative Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensors 18 Channels
Alternative Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensors 18 Channels

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Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensors, the best magnetic pattern detection device. Alternative for Murata Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensors 18 Channels BS05M1KF.

Magnetic pattern recognition sensors are extensively used for recognition of bank note types, patterns printed with magnetic ink, and magnetic cards.

Murata’s magnetic pattern recognition sensors combine InSb (indium/antimonide intermetallic compound semiconductor) magnetoresistive elements with a permanent magnet, enabling feeble magnetic information to be easily detected. The features of these sensors include wide dynamic range, wide gap characteristics, and high output, ensuring the reliable detection of either ferromagnetic or magnetic patterns.

The single-channel series can be used in specific areas and in combination with multi-channel products.

BS05N1HGAA 3 3 1 Rare Earthes
BS05N1HFAA 3 3 1 Ferrite
BS05N1NFAA 6 6 1 Ferrite

The multi-channel lineup includes a range of products for varying widths of objects to be detected. The unique structure designed by Murata eliminates dead areas.

BS05M1KFKA 30 10 3 Rare Earthes
BS05M1KFCF 60 10 6 Rare Earthes
BS05M1KFFA 90 10 9 Ferrite
BS05M1KFJA 180 10 18 Ferrite

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