Acousto-optic Q-switch
Acousto-optic Q-switch

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Acousto-optical Q-switch often used in the laser marking, laser cutting, mutual interaction between an ultrasonic wave and a light beam. The laser beam that enters in a direction, forming a Bragg angle to the wave surface of the acoustic wave in the scattering medium. It is diffracted in accordance with periodic changes in the diffraction rate produced by the acoustic wave. 

Acousto-optic Q-switch is a water-cooled,quick modulation rate, low insertion loss, high damage threshold, convenient use, stable and reliable work and high cost performance,,the first pulse suppression function.. It is designed for the YAG laser with output power of 30~50W. It can be widely applied in laser processing equipments, such as laser marking, scribing machine, laser engraving, laser cutting and fine processing. It is provided with drivers as the following pictures.

Interaction Material: Fused Silica
Wavelength: 1.06μm
Frequency: 27 0.1MHz
Anti-Reflection Coating: 0.2% per surface
Transmission (single pass):  99.6%
Damage threshold: 500MW/cm2
VSWR:< 1.2 (50Ω  input impedance)
Active Aperture 3~5mm
Protection:Automatic protection function of overheating

RF driver for acousto-optic Q-switch. It can independently control the output of radio frequency signal via computer signal. Quick modulation rate, convenient control,stable and reliable. It has first pulse suppression and automatic protection and alarm.

Working frequency: 27 MHz+0.1MHz
RF Power Output: 50W+3W
Modulation repetition rate: 1 KHz~50KHz (adjustable)
Pulse width: 5μs ~20μs (adjustable)
First pulse suppression time: 100μs ~1000μs (adjustable)
Output impedance:50Ω
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio: <1.2 (connected to 50Ω  load)
Power supply: AC 220V+10%
Modulation Control Inputs: Digital TTL
Effective level of laser output: High/low (optional)
Automatic protection function of overheating, open circuit and short circuit

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